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Re-thinking or re-considering is no longer good enough.

A complete way of NEW-THINKING from the ground up is absolutely essential.

Our “Lifestyle” has really put us into a deep hole. Almost everything we see as comfortable, practical, and trendy is harming the planet, nature, man, in a very monstrous way. For example: Mobile phones, WiFi, electric cars, the regular car, microwaves, airplanes, flavor enhancers, virtually all electrical appliances, combustion engines, fast food, preservatives, cosmetics, most body care products and detergents, and on and on and on… Are you really, I mean really willing to change your everyday established habits and the environment in which you live? Most people just talk about these changes, but when it comes to true modifying of their lifestyle they tend to stay in their normal state of comfort. This however, is a dead end approach and is simply not sustainable. Perhaps you may not have realized but the clock is ticking. The problem is that you are not hearing the clock tick – until it goes boommmm…

When will we finally stop plundering and destroying this planet, as well as poisoning the planet, nature, and even ourselves? Our children and their future? Do we really believe we can run rumpus into the genes of animals, plants and humans with impunity? How stupid can we be?

Are you satisfied with: the banking system, finance, education, pension plans, unemployment, quality of food, water, environmental pollution, chemtrails, energy, healthcare, freedom of the press, political parties etc. ?????

Highly exhausted, abused and worn-out systems are so stale that a patchwork (re-think) is no longer good enough. Re-thinking is simply just not enough. If someone thinks and acts with the already existing components, which have proven not to work or have failed in the past, just mixing them together with so called “new ideas”, will not result in anything useful. Patchworking and continual repair will not result in the badly needed changes for the good survival that we all need.

NEW-THINKING – what does this ideal scene look like? If we landed on a lonely island tomorrow and started a new society, and we could do this without preconceptions, we would be completely free to decide what make up a good society?

Above all – quality trumps quantity. Spending the last 10 years of life with Alzheimers in a nursing home will turn the average life expectancy stats upward – but what does this really say about the quality of that life?

All things in life now need to be completely re-examined with NEW-THINKING. This must happen very quickly. All relevant statistics that indicate the health level of our society are in free fall. In the future the areas of medicine, self-healing, food, energy, water, and general well-being on this planet, will all depend on frequencies. Frequencies will play the most important role in handling the problems of pro survival – and not the pills and the more than 70,000 registered chemicals, which are all toxic.

This planet is entirely based on frequencies. There are only 2 types of frequencies:

Pro Survival and Counter Survival frequencies. That’s it. There are no others. Sounds very simple? Sorry that the truth is not more complicated than that. The truth is always simple. For many it is much too simple. We must work to promote survival-friendly-frequencies and to stop or transform the counter-survival -frequencies.

And that is exactly what we do at IPC. With our EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™, we have something that is absolutely unrivaled and unique. Have fun on your trip to discover our solutions.


Norbert Heuser

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