Chassis Booster

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Boost the strength and stability of your car’s chassis,
improve handling and safety and reduce cabin noise.

The CHASSIS BOOSTER CB is one of the Protonic Car Boosters that increases the strength and stability in the automobile’s chassis system by aligning the metals and polymer particles while simultaneously reducing mechanical vibrations.

The CHASSIS BOOSTER CB devices are placed strategically inside the main compartment of the car to emit the PVA FIELD (Proton Vibration Alignment) throughout the chassis system. This significantly improves the driving experience. The CHASSIS BOOSTER CB will save you money.

All this is made possible only through IPC’s proprietary EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™.

The driver will experience a greatly improved road handling while driving, due to the boosted structural strength of the chassis. The driver will appreciate as well a boosted stability during general manuvering. In particular while braking, accelerating and cornering the CHASSIS BOOSTER CBs will contribute with their unique technology to phenomenal results in controlling the car, which results in a safer feel while driving. The CHASSIS BOOSTER CBs will reduce the cabin noise and will make the driving more pleasurable than ever before.

Saving money, going green and increasing the fun in driving is now possible with this product created b

Key Product Benefits

  • Improve car safety
  • Stabilize the entire car during acceleration
  • Strengthen the chassis while taking a turn
  • Decrease cabin noise and increase driving comfort

Key Product Features

  • Simple and direct installation, no mechanical or programming modification is required
  • 4 year warranty
  • No maintenance is necessary within the entire warranty period
  • Stable performance, function will not deteriorate within the entire designated operational period

Components Required

  • 3 Chassis Boosters for each car. No other products are needed.

Does NOT contain any materials that are magnetic, electromagnetic, radioactive, toxic or corrosive.

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Chassis Booster