Electric Car

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As it is now the electric car is not the future.

The electric car in its present design will not be the future. One factor is the very limited driving range due to an out dated battery technology. The other factor involves the strong magnetic and electrical fields that systematically destroy every human body.

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All electric car buyers are guided by good intentions. However, no one has told them the dangerous truth. In trying to save energy both the driver and any passengers are sitting on a gigantic power pack of completely negative, counter survival frequencies. In the coming years these electric cars will make millions of users very sick.

Energy saved – Driver dead?

Our technology extends the electric vehicle driving range by 10% to 20% conservatively, while at the same time drastically reducing these dangerous fields are drastically reduced

See documents below.

We already have on the table concrete plans to increase the battery 3 times above the present battery capacity/ This will bring the main problem of limited driving range to an end.


All electric cars and hybrid vehicles.


We will give the buyer the information needed to install the IPC Boosters which may vary depending on the vehicle.

Installing the Car Boosters requires no alteration or intervention to the design or construction of the vehicle. These Boosters are installed with zip ties in a just a few minutes.

The Car Boosters will create a PVA Field (Proton Vibration Alignment Field) which may need up to 4 weeks to be established. In this period of time results will gradually improve and then remain stable.

Key Benefits

The driving range increases typically by 10% to 20%, and may be higher. A drastic reduction of all electric and magnetic fields. Increased horsepower and torque are welcome side effects.

The Technology

EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™ is a new invention that brings the latest technologies in energy solutions into our daily lives. The engineers at IPC Hong Kong have developed a method to control protons and electrons within atoms so that a “PVA FIELD” (Proton Vibration Alignment Field) is established. This technology harmonizes the protons and electrons within the atoms. This energy saving technology has been applied to a series of products for gasoline, diesel, and for electric vehicles.

IPC developed PICO TECHNOLOGY in the domain of Quantum Physics. PICO TECHNOLOGY is 1000 times smaller than NANO TECHNOLOGY.


4 years

Our products do NOT contain any materials that are magnetic, electromagnetic, radioactive, toxic or corrosive.

2 units per regular electric car are needed. However using 3 units will maximize the results.


  • length 85 mm
  • width 31 mm
  • thickness  8 mm
  • weight 45 grams