Fuel Saving Trucks

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EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™ products for trucks, buses, coaches and heavy machinery, employing a new energy technology to increase horsepower & speed, while reducing fuel consumption!

IPC has developed a line of products for Trucks, Buses and Coaches that reduce fuel consumption while increasing horsepower and speed, employing Euphoria’s new energy technology.

These products are made possible only with EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™

Boost horsepower, reduce fuel cost and cut harmful exhaust emissions.

The Power Booster Industrial aligns the protons moving through the electrical system of a truck. The creation of the PVA Field (Proton Vibration Alignment) by the Power Booster device, aligns the entire electrical system. Data loss due to the instability of electrons is decreased significantly, and at the same time, the transmission quality of electrical and electronic signals is boosted. The truck’s overall performance is increased, especially in combination with one of the Engine Booster Industrials.

All this is possible only with IPC’s proprietary EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™.