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May 24, 2017
Chassis Booster CB 1000
May 24, 2017
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Engine Booster Spark EBS 1000


Boost horsepower, reduce fuel consumption and fuel cost, and cut harmful exhaust emissions.

ENGINE BOOSTER SPARK EBS 1000 is designed to boost the efficiency of gasoline and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) combustion engines with spark ignition systems. The ENGINE BOOSTER SPARK EBS 1000 is one of the PROTONIC CAR BOOSTERS 1000 that are specially designed to boost the power while actually reducing fuel consumption and costs, and simultaneously reducing toxic gas emissions. The ENGINE BOOSTER SPARK EBS 1000 will save you money.

All this is made possible only through IPC’s proprietary EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™.

The ENGINE BOOSTER SPARK EBS 1000, in combination with the POWER BOOSTER PB 1000 will give better results in many different areas. The fuel consumption will be less and you will save up to 30%. The horsepower and the torque will increase significantly at the same time, while the harmful emissions will drop up to 50%. For driving enjoyment, the smoother running engine will reduce the noise level in the car.

The performance of the entire electrical system and the car’s other electronic components will also be improved, with a more efficient ignition, a better sounding car stereo and a cooler air conditioning system.

Saving money, going green and increasing the fun of driving are all now possible with these revolutionary EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™ products.

Requires installation of a POWER BOOSTER 1000 to the battery.
Key Product Benefits

  • Reduce fuel consumption by 10%-30%
  • Increase horse power by 13%-25%
  • Increase efficiency of ignition
  • Boost torque by 5%-15%
  • Boost throttle response time
  • Boost speed of acceleration
  • Decrease toxic gas emission by 15%-50%
  • Reduce cabin noise levels
  • Smoother ride
  • Boost efficiency of Air Conditioning system
  • Improve quality of sound system

Key Product Features

  • Simple installation—no mechanical or programming modification is required
  • 4 year warranty
  • No maintenance is necessary within the entire warranty period
  • Stable performance and function during the entire designated operational period
  • No adverse effect on car components or computer